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Monday, February 27, 2012

Only Heathens are Intellectual

I was bickering with some of the looney Facebook liberals tonight. I told them I was voting for Rick Santorum. Of course they were outraged.

The crazy one that claims to be a Florida school teacher declared that "Christian" stands for anti-intellectual.

Hmmm, well I am a Christian and I consider myself an intellectual. I hold a doctorate degree; I have made good life decisions; and I consider myself successful. Even better, I have not relied on some gubment program to attain my position. I guess in the eyes of this woman, I am the exception rather than the rule. In her eyes, only blithering idiots can be Christians.

She's teaching our children, folks.


  1. LOL ! I have been having the same thing happen here since i came back to Alberta to calve out my Cows. Just the other day ago i was in Calgary, and met a friend at a Starbucks for coffee. ( i should have known yuppie liberals hang out there) Anyway we got to talking about Obummer and some preppie Liberal Puke heard me call Obama an idiot and Socialist turd. Well ! The shit hit the propellar full bore ! I got called an Tin roof redneck, a cracker, and a few other things as well. And this girl was white ! LOL ! It ended when i called her a Socialist Ruglicker. By then everybody was tuned in. I don't take crap from these turds whether they are young , old, black, white , or friggin purple. It's their modus operandi to immediately label you a redneck or something worse . That way they don't have to prove their point...or lack of one. Liberals have always been first to label people and play the race card when their shit is weak.

  2. Well only Heathens ARE Intellectuals. The rest of use are Smart. Some of us have advanced degrees and some of us can do things with our hands that are amazing.

    Intellectuals look down upon those of us who can work with our hands, but when the time comes and society breaks down it will be the Intellectuals who will fall beside the road and the rest of us living high off the hog, the cow, the chicken, the duck, the road kill.

  3. It's funny how liberals will try and deflect when you challenge them and try to pin them down. This same woman who I guess claims to be an intellectual did not know the difference in the payroll tax (FICA) and regular income (witholding tax) and was completely unaware of the political battle over the expiration of the payroll tax cut.

    And yet SHE is the intellectual and I'm just some redneck clinging to God and my guns.