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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Perhaps God is Still on America's Side

Who would have thought Rick Santorum would have made a clean sweep of things yesterday and won the primaries in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri? Suddenly he is in second place in the delegate count. I am sure the Republican establishment is stroking out. They just can't stomach the idea of nominating a real conservative candidate.

The GROUCH is delighted and for the first time in several weeks I am thinking that perhaps God is interested in the salvation of America. We're sure enough going to go down to the abyss with Obama, Romney, or Gingrich. Thank God for Santorum's victory yesterday. There is still hope and still time.

Now Rick will be unmercifully attacked by the Romney and Gingrich campaigns, the left, the beltway Republicans, and the pundits on Fox News. Hopefully these victories will give him a boost and at least make it impossible for him to be ignored by the media as things have been up until now.

OK, it's time to ante up. I sent Rick a contribution. A waste of my money you say? Well, hell, it's my money. If I can't contribute to the cause of freedom, then what's the use? I hope the rest of you will dump the idea of Romney or Gingrich and get on the freedom train.

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