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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spoiled by Key West

It's a fact. Wifey and I are spoiled by Key West. The restaurants there were grand. The food was great, the helpings were enormous, and the prices were not bad at all. So what do we do now when we get home? Where do we find some really good and special food?

We went to a new place in Jackson Friday night called the Flatiron Grill. I'll have to say I was impressed. I had shrimp and filet Mignon and it was delicious. The place was a little pricey, but the service was good and much to my delight, there were no screaming kids in the place. That is one of the good things about an upscale place. The thoughtless masses won't be wagging their little dip sh*ts in the place to torture people. There were no signs saying, "Kids eat free." or "Kids, half price." YEA! Anytime I see one of those signs I think twice about even going in the place.
Anyway, sweet Wifey and I will be visiting the Flatiron Grill again for some peace and quiet and some very good food. We'll be thinking often of Key West.

1 comment:

  1. Yes we will ...
    Be thinking of Key West, and
    Be visiting the Flatiron Grill again.

    We were spoiled in Key West, because everything we ate was superb, the service excellent, the weather wonderful (not 13 degrees as it is here).

    It is a true shame that there are not some nice restaurants closer to us than Jackson.

    Oh wait, we still Mio Mios which is not too far from our house. Only problem, they are only open on the weekend I think.

    Love you

    Right Truth