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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Afghanistan - Time to Leave

Karzai wants us out of Afghanistan. Good! I say let's pack up and leave. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm sick and tired of the manufactured outrage over the accidental burning of a few Korans. I'm sick and tired of the manufactured outrage over the fact that the alleged massacre soldier was moved to Kuwait. I'm sick and tired of spending American blood and treasure on some hell hole full of tribal Muslims who all hate us and are content to live in the 7th century.

I say goodbye and good riddance. If there are some troublesome Taliban remaining, then let's use up a few of our nukes on them. Obama wants to get rid of them anyway. Yes, turn the place into glass and let it glow in the dark for 1000 years. It would not hurt my feelings one damned bit.


  1. My message to Karzai and ALL of Afghanistan:


  2. I agree, it's long past time to get out of Afghanistan. When the guys we train to fight turn on our military members and shoot them in the head it is long past time to leave.

    More info is coming out on the soldier who killed the 16. It was wrong, yes, and he will be tried and punished appropriately. However, when you read about him, a "highly" decorated soldier who had lost a portion of one foot in a previous assignment, who had possible brain injury from a vehicle accident (IED?), who the day before saw his fellow soldier get his leg blown off, who had already served 3 tours in Iraq, was promised by the military that he would not be sent in theater again, and then the military turned around and sent him to the Hell hole Afghanistan for a tour, you can't blame the guy for being a tad upset.

    Right Truth