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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Missing Breitbart

Well, I guess most of you have heard that Andrew Breitbart is dead at age 43. I won't rehash all the good things that have been said about him. I think the thing I liked best about Breitbart was his absolute fearlessness about taking it to the left. The other day Mitt Romney in effect said he would not take it to Obama. This is why we will probably lose in November if Romney is the nominee.

No what we need is a rock ribbed conservative that will be pummeling Obama and the left, relentlessly, each and every day. Most people in this country are dense or stupid and need to have the travesty and disgrace called Obama pounded into their thick heads continuously. A presidential candidate with the tact of Andrew Breitbart is exactly what we need. Rest in peace, Andrew Breitbart. Tell the Almighty to send a bunch more just like you.


  1. I am not given to posting hyperbole, conspiracy theories and the like, but there are, at least in my opinion, more than a few reasons to look at the death of Andrew Breitbart with serious suspicion and I am NOT the only one to feel that way, and I have to wonder; was Andrew Breitbart murdered?

    I hope there is an independent autopsy and tox screen done...

    1. Fred, I wouldn't be surprised by anything. I'll keep my eyes and ears open.