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Friday, March 9, 2012

Mitt Romney Flops Again - Reverses Stance on Minimum Wage

I would have missed this had it not been for some looney Facebook liberals complaining about it. Evidently Mitt Romney has reversed the position he took back last January when he said he would be in favor of raising the minimum wage. According to this article, Romney flip flopped on the issue in the run up to super Tuesday due to conservative outcry.
But then he turns around in the next sentence and says he thinks it's OK to let the minimum wage rise along with the consumer price index.......HUH? This guy is unbelievable. He finds the ability to take both positions on the issue at the same time. Who know what he really believes? Whatever he believes he doesn't sound very much like a "severe conservative".

The looney Facebook liberals were upset with him of course because they want the minimum wage raised. I'm upset with him because he's faking his conservatism. Funny how we're both mad at the same guy for completely different reasons.

Yet, the lame stream media, the Fox News pundits, and the Republican establishment keep pushing this guy upon us. I've already said if Romney is the candidate, I'll sit the general election out and each day it seems Romney gives me one more reason NOT to change my mind.


  1. I would say he's an empty suit, from his fake smile, to his fake laugh...the guy is a turd ! Why would we replace one empty suit with another ? he just strikes me as such a phony...but the thought of having Obummer for another 4 years is a little much to bear...Even though Romney pisses me off...i'd probaly go and vote for him, i'd be sure to wear my gas mask though. I ask myself WHY can't we have a more reputable slate in the GOP?

  2. Paladin, it's sad when the Republicans could do so much better. Santorum is a far better choice but the lame stream media, the establishment Republicans, and the Fox News pundits are doing their level best to make us swallow Romney. Cain, Bachmann, and Perry were far and away better choices. And there are others out there, Allen West, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, that just put Romney to shame.

    Worst of all I think Romney will lose to Obama just like McCain did in 2008.

  3. Yes the Republicans can do better ! I like Bobby Jindal too, good East Indian Christian from Bayou country. I watched an interview with his father and was highly impressed with the entire family. Especially when his father said if ever hears anyone badmouthing the USA , they're gonna get a smack ! LOL ! What ever happened to Fred Thompson ? And then there's that ex senator from Colorado..geez his name escapes me at the moment...he's another good choice.

  4. Tom Tancredo ! Thats the guy i was trying to remember. He would be solid as well.

  5. "Worst of all I think Romney will lose to Obama just like MCCain did in 2008'

    CORRECT. Romney will lose Presidential election. (after winning nomination)