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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Picking on Rush Limbaugh is Not a Good Idea

I just had to laugh. Rush called Sandra Fluke a slut. The left was OUTRAGED! Yeah, right. Then we find out that Fluke's real interest is trying to get YOU to pay for sex change operations.

Several of Rush's sponsors pulled their ads from his show. Carbonite stock has tanked. Sleep Train has tried to come back to Rush with their tails between their legs. Rush won't have them back. Rush has said the lost advertisers will be replaced. Indeed, I'll betcha there are companies chomping at the bit to advertise their products on his show.

You'd think these people would know better than to jump into the pool with liberal lunatics. Rush has the number one radio talk show in the nation. Lots of people from all political persuasions LISTEN to him and the advertisements. Rush has the big mouthpiece.

I would like to have seen the looks on the faces of the Sleep Train people when El Rushbo turned them down. I love it, I love it, I love it!

Hat tip to Sweet Wifey for sending me this story.


  1. Rush always seems to land on his feet... I DO admire that in him..

    1. Fred, Rush tweaks liberals on purpose. Most liberals suffer from fake outrage syndrome. They could not have given a rat's ass about Sandra Fluke, but they used her as an opportunity to jump on Rush. Those sponsors left as a part of the fake outrage and now their sales are tanking.......oops........don't mess with the Limbaugh. I tweak liberals on purpose too.It's fun and they just can't stand it.

    2. Fully agree, I tweak em on my blog all the time... It's what makes us so good! We're right, they aren't, we can tweak their beaks and get more readers, they cry..

      And hold a Congressional hearing that was designed to be nothing more than a distraction..

  2. aaa hahahahahahhahahahahaa ! Good on Rush for telling all the politically correct corporate weenies to go piss up a rope ....DITTO !

  3. Yes, Mr. Limbaugh is the little devil.