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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Planning Ahead

Just planning ahead in case Obama wins again! Ya'All better think before ya' vote in 2012 !!!!
Hat tip- Dr. Tim Ashmore.


  1. Damn Grouch, seein that cowboy on a camel has me a bit ticked...but it is accurate. Real Cowboys will never let that happen...ALL OF U.S. WILL NEVER LET IT HAPPEN.....THIS MESSAGE BETTER BE CLEAR IN WASHINGTON D.C.

  2. You are correct Grouch, in that I think Obama is in his mind a Muslim, from his time in Indonesia.

    But whatever he is or is not he is a canny operator as my Scottish friends would say, and knows if he honestly and overtly stated his true faith he wouldn't have become POTUS in the first place never mind being re-elected.

    Here in the UK we had a woman PM Thatcher who I supported vociferously in my Conservative youth, and I suspect before I reach 80 in 2041, we will have a Muslim PM. We have NOW Muslim members of parliament who are Consevative, Liberal Democrat (my current party) and Labour (what you would call socialist).

  3. For what it's worth, being a Muslim is just one reason Obummer should not be president. The main reason is that he was born in Kenya.