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Monday, March 19, 2012

Riding High

Spring is here and sweet Wifey and I rode the 2 wheeler yesterday down to Pickwick Dam and Shiloh National Military Park. We tooled on up to Jackson and got a bite at the Red Robin. We logged about 170 miles.

Today we scouted around all over western middle TN. today. The highlight of the trip was a ride up the Natchez Trace Parkway. It was absolutely beautiful. Of course, equally beautiful was my hot biker chick. It just doesn't get any better than this folks! 240 total miles today!
Sexy biker chick.....woo hoo!
The GROUCH taking a break.
Such an EVIL racist!


  1. Spending time with my sweetie, whether it's on the bike, listening to the band, whatever... It's Good!

    Right Truth

  2. p.s. Do those pants make me look fat?

    1. You look FINE! Pants or no pants!

  3. You two are TOO cute!

    Glad you got to enjoy some time together on the bike. It's too easy to stay all worked up about the sad state of political affairs these days and forget to enjoy LIFE. Life is short. We might as well have a good time!

  4. I almost made a really tacky comment about the *NO PANTS* thing and decided not to... LMAO

    I respect the hell out of Debbie!! But Grouch, you Sir are a great guy! The sense of humor I see from you is awesome!

  5. Hossboss, we have really enjoyed our rides. When we come back we find that our absence from the daily political news to be a blessing. We find that we really didn't miss out on anything important.

    Well, thanks, Fred. If you can't find the time to love and laugh then life is a waste, doncha think?