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Thursday, April 5, 2012

2 Reasons to Vote for Barack Obama

After you’ve read this there are really only two reasons that you would vote for our Dear Ruler in November:
1:  You’re a parasite, and you depend on the government’s ability to use its police power to take money from people who worked for and earned it, and give it to you in order to survive; or
2:  You make money off of the people identified in No. 1 above.
I’ve been telling you this for three plus years now.  Perhaps if you listened to the words of our spectacularly pitiful president.

I’ve been telling you for a while that Caesar Obammus believes that America’s greatness comes from government.  It really wasn’t hard to figure this out.  After all, just how much time has Obama spent praising freedom and economic liberty since he became president.  Think about it – Obama once referred to the private sector as “the enemy.”  How can we NOT be listening?

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  1. Apathy abounds, BS promises flow like wine, weak minded fools fall for it and voila, there it is, a Socialist/Marxist gets a 2nd chance to kill America...

    God help us all...

  2. Fred, weak minded fools abound. You can show them the truth and facts and they just stare at you and call you a racist.