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Friday, April 6, 2012

Facebook Danger at a Georgia Waffle House!

Shots were fired at a Waffle House in Augusta, GA, early this morning and wouldn't you know that two groups of women were involved?

Anyone want to guess the cause of the shooting? Well of course it evidently was over a Facebook post, specifically a "relationship status".

Now boys and girls, this Facebook stuff is real serious bidness doncha know, especially when it comes to the incredibly intelligent types involved in this incident. I would be willing to bet that these were groups of Obama supporters, but that is only a guess.

According to the story all shots were fired into the air and nobody was hurt. Only the shooter was arrested so far. Go HERE to read all about the trials and tribulations of these poor Obama supporters and all you Facebookers be real keerful out there!

According to late reports, Michelle Obama has heard of this and suggested that Barack levy a federal tax on Facebook or even ban it altogether.......for our own good of course.

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