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Friday, April 6, 2012

Gentlemen, Protect Your Scrotum!

Here is a real painful story from Indiana. Evidently a 57 year old man was attacked by his 43 year old "on again, off again" girlfriend. After first instructing him to call the police, she began beating him about the head and then latched onto his scrotum with her fingernails and tried to rip the ballsack from his body.

She's pictured over at the left and I think all would agree she's a real babe! Now I do have a question. Since I have worn pants for the better part of my 60 years on earth, I gotta say that it seems to me it would be most difficult for someone to grab my scrotum with their fingernails. Was the dude sitting there nekkid with his jewels hanging out in the breeze or what? I gotta wonder.

In any case the guy was taken to BALL Memorial Hospital for treatment. Folks, I can't make this stuff up.

At the hospital he was treated for his injuries and evidently his important parts were still bleeding and so swollen that he was unable to walk or work. He may be "permanently" damaged, reports say. The story did not go into detail about what started this trouble other than he had broken off an 8 month relationship.

She was charged with aggravated assault, illegally entering the victim's home, and domestic battery. All I can say is that if the dude finally recovers, he's no doubt better off without her. Geez!

Go HERE to read the whole thing.

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