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Friday, April 6, 2012

Hybrid Cars will Reduce Tornadoes! Only an IDIOT DEMOCRAT Would Make Such a Connection!

Upset about recent tornadoes around Dallas Texas, Illinois senator, Dick Durbin DEMOCRAT has declared that we must introduce more laws regulating carbon output (Translated: Higher energy costs for you and your family and loss of jobs in the energy sector (Closing of coal fired power plants)).

He also says that we must convert to hybrid cars or lose our lives and that we must "spend money now to fix the problem" (Translated: We're going to take more of YOUR money, and waste it on more bullshit).

I can see Durbin's point though. Of course there have never been any tornadoes in Texas before. Can you remember any?

Sigh, is there ANYBODY out there reading this that REALLY believes that driving hybrid cars will reduce tornadoes? Anybody? Really?

I pray the Supreme Court strikes down the Obamacare mandate. If not, the next mandate will be electric cars for everyone, and bean sprouts and watercress sammiches for all your little kiddies. Think I'm kidding? Think again!

Read all about it HERE.


  1. Dick Durban is an idiot. But he is so well tuned into the Democratic Machine here in Illinois that he cannot lose an election.

    But if we could....Oh G-d if we could....

  2. Yet another case for term limits, Findalis.

  3. You must always remember, the Progressives know more than the rest of us. Just listen to what they tell us. They have studied these problems and know how to fix them. Get out of the way so they can make our lives better!

    - Yankee Bruce