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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tragedy Strikes Decatur County

Early yesterday morning, Decatur County fire chief, Kenny Fox, was killed in the line of duty when a roof collapsed on him. According to reports he pushed two other firemen out of the way moments before the tragedy, probably saving their lives. Two other firefighters were transported to Vanderbilt for treatment of third degree burns.

I knew Kenny personally. Words cannot express the grief and sense of loss felt by the whole community. Many prayers have gone up for Kenny and his family. During this Easter weekend this makes us even more thankful for God's gift and promise of eternal life.


  1. DAMN! A Cop and a Firefighter, all in one, and a HERO too...

    Rest in Peace Sir!

    Grouch, I offer my deepest sympathies to you and yours and I hope you will relate that to Kenny's family...

    I don't know if you are on Facebook but I am, and I Admin a page called The Thin Blue Line - Coast to Coast, and I will make a post in memory of Kenny Fox...

  2. Fred, many of the officers around here do double duty. It is a shame what they are paid and they often have to wear more than one hat to make ends meet.