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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Biker Clocked Going 170 MPH

No, that is not the 170 MPH speed demon in the picture. You gotta wonder what is going through someone's mind if they get out on the interstate and truck along at 170, but that is exactly what happened in upstate New York.

Sweet Wifey and I travel down the interstate sometimes at a normal speed of 70 to 75 and let me tell you that is plenty fast enough. I just don't get the idea of risking life and limb doing anything more. Oh well it takes all kinds I guess but I don't imagine there would have been much left of that rider if he had lost control.


  1. At 100 MPH a crash renders you totally obsolete, at 170 MPH I don't imagine there would be much to do other than call the Fire trucks to come wash down the greasy spot...

    In my foolish youth I did take my old 'Wing up to a tad over 100 MPH once ... only once.

    After that, 70-75 was more than adequate.

    1. Fred, I don't ever remember going over 90 or 95. I pushed it up to 90 one day last year on I-40 while trying to get by a string of trucks, before they decided to straddle the lanes and block traffic. Normally I set the cruise at about 70 tops and frequently less than that.