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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Don't Call Me if You're from the RNC

Just about everyday we get a call from the RNC, begging for money. Up until yesterday, we have just ignored them or sweet Wifey has just given them one of her sweet "no thank you"'s.

Yesterday, I picked up the phone, on purpose. The caller told me how we could all agree on the importance of defeating Barack Obama in 2012 and wanted to know if I would pledge at least $50 toward the cause.

I just hate it when someone tells me what I can agree to.

I let him know that he could not count on my pledge. I let him know that I would never send the RNC any money. I let him know that I would never vote for Mitt Romney and that Romney was no better than Obama. I also told him to remove my name from their call list and to never bother me again.

I contributed to the campaign of Herman Cain, a conservative. He is gone. I contributed to the campaign of Rick Santorum, a conservative. He is gone. The pundits at Fox News and the Republican establishment have been in the tank for Romney from the get-go and they have gleefully handed me once again their favorite RINO.

Never again. John McCain was my FINAL RINO. I will not vote for Mitt Romney. Who knows what we would get with Mitt? He has taken just about every position on every issue possible. I am of the opinion he's no better than what we have now.

One of my friend, Fred's Facebook friends called me insane and a "self centered jerk". I let her know she was nothing more than a "blind, naive, ignorant ass". Hey, she started it! But it is true. The RINO supporters are just too blind to see that if we keep on compromising our conservative principles we are doomed to fail. No, it's not my fault if Obama wins in November. It is the fault of the Republican masses who failed to educate themselves on the dangers of RINOism and mediocrity. It is their fault for failing to insist on a conservative candidate. I expect that Romney will be a loser anyway, so the whole point is moot.

So if you wanna vote for Mitt in November, be my guest. If it is a warm day, I'll be out fishing.


  1. I have to say, you did a hell of a *take down* in that string of comments!! Outstanding!