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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I intercepted this from my good friend, Doug M Cotner's Facebook page. I agree totally with the idea of fairness. The Grouch's definition of fairness is:

1. Students should be equally and fairly allowed to attended schools, study and take tests. Some will make A's, B's, and C's. Others will fail. Those who fail will have to try again. Those who fail should not be passed on just so they won't get their feelings hurt.

2. Children should be equally and fairly allowed to play sports and activities. There will be winners and losers. Those who lose should not be patted on the head and given trophies. Who wants a trophy for sucking?

3. Investors, without "help" or interference from the gubment, should be fairly allowed to invest their money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, gold, or whatever private venture the choose. Some will make a fortune. Some will do OK. Others will lose their ass.

4. Individuals, without "help" or interference from the gubment, should fairly be allowed to utilize, their time, talents, money, and ingenuity to create goods, services, build businesses, create jobs, hire employees, fire employees, and offer investment opportunities for others. Some will be successful and their investors and employees will reap the benefits. Others will fail and possibly lose their asses along with the investors and the employees.

This my friends is the definition of fairness in a capitalist society. Barack Obama does not believe in fairness. He would rather confiscate wealth from those who work and take the risks and distribute the spoils to those who sit around whining and complaining.

Which version of fairness do you prefer, Grouch's version, or Obama's version?

I would have posted this directly on Doug's page but he would have likely erased it. Doug does not believe in free speech, especially when he hears opposing views or when anyone is opposed to his beloved messiah Obama.

By the way, it is laughable to think Obama has a "truthteam".....bwaaa haa haa.

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