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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Obama was Born in Kenya! Get Over it!

Well, my old friend, Donald Trump is back on the birther bandwagon again and as usual the lame stream media is beside itself. They are trying to get Mitt Romney to latch on to the idea along with Trump so they can lampoon him and make him look like a fool. Romney is probably smart to steer clear of this. Nobody in the lame stream will ever consider that Obama was actually born in Kenya and they will use the issue as a weapon against Romney if given an opportunity.

The old GROUCH is a proud birther. I believe Obama was born in Kenya and therefore an illegitimate president. I also believe he's a Muslim or at least a Muslim sympathizer and therefore an enemy of the United States. Yeah, I believe that so called birth certificate of Obama's is a fake as a 3 dollar bill.

My position as a birther apparently enrages many of the looney Facebook liberals. They hurl insults at me, squall, whine, and ring their hands in anger at such a suggestion that Obama was born in Kenya. Frankly I find their anger rather amusing and a bit odd. Why should they care what I think about this? I am nothing but a private citizen, a blogger, a Facebook insulter. I am not a newsperson or a politician. I can't pass any laws, raise anyone's taxes, or send their sons and daughters off to war. And yet they are so angry.......ENRAGED in fact!

I think deep down in their little bleeding liberal hearts, most of them realize that there is a possibility that Donald Trump and I might just be correct. They have to know that the lame stream media gave Obama a pass and refused to investigate his beginnings back in 2008. What has come out such as his ties with terrorists and communists has been largely ignored as was his association with the racist, Jeremiah Wright. I am sure the little looney Facebook liberals have to wonder what else may be hiding under there.

And so, I keep bringing it up again and again. Obama was born in Kenya. Who is listening? Who is paying attention? When will the whole truth finally come out? If the Grouch at Right Truth and Donald Trump and others would just leave this alone, people would finally forget and the whole thing would fade into obscurity.

That damned Grouch, he just keeps talking about it. How embarrassing it will be one day when the truth about the communist Kenyan is finally revealed. They will all have been fooled and there will be nowhere to hide from their shame. No wonder they are so angry!


  1. LOVE your post, Grouch! Do you mind if I share it on my Facebook wall?

    1. Sue I firmly believe in sharing. You may share anything you find here.

  2. Thank you, kind sir...Done deal!