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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whatever Happens in November, the GROUCH will be a Winner!

Yes, indeed, I have taken some heat from several of my friends since I have declared that I will sit out the election in November. I will not vote for the RINO, Mitt Romney. Even my sister who evidenlty is a big Romney supporter thinks I'm crazy. Well, I may be crazy but that is neither here nor there.

As I see it, there are 3 possible scenarios:

1. I figure Mitt Romney will carry Tennessee anyway, no matter what I do. I also figure that Romney will lose the general election to Obama. I know right now Romney is leading in most polls, but as soon as the Obama smear campaign gets going full swing and the Democrats begin cultivating all the ignorant morons that voted for Obama the first time, it will be over for Romney. Romneycare will be hanging around the neck of the Massachusetts governor like a stone. When Romney loses, I can say once again, "You should have given us an exciting conservative candidate." The country loses, the GROUCH wins.

2. Things might be even worse. Obama might win Tennessee and beat Romney in a landslide, Yes, things might be so bad that most of the Republicans stay home. Once again I can say, "Wudda, shudda, cudda!" The country loses, the GROUCH wins.

3. Romney actually wins the general election. Everyone except me is overjoyed. During his first term when he starts acting like a RINO, does nothing substantive to cut the debt and deficit, compromises with Democrats to get things done, finds BIG GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS to our so called problems, grants amnesty to illegal aliens......I could go on. Once again, I can say, "You should have given us an exciting conservative candidate." The country loses, and the GROUCH wins.

So don't blame me for any of this. We had several chances to nominate a true conservative candidate.

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