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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not a Worry or a Care

The other day, sweet Wifey and I took a nice motorcycle ride to Reelfoot Lake. At the welcome center there was a museum featuring many artifacts and even some of the wildlife of the area.

In one cage they had a little owl, all by itself, sitting on a perch. As he sat there winking and blinking sweet Wifey commented that he looked kinda sad.

As we walked back to the motorcycle I explained that the owl had no reason to be sad. I was sure the owl had plenty of food and water. He had a cool comfortable place to stay. Indeed all his needs were taken care of and all the comforts were provided.

Of course the little owl was missing one thing and that was freedom. What good is all that other stuff if we are not free? I doubt that the brain of an owl is sophisticated enough to know the difference, but as this country is plunged deeper and deeper into total dependence on gubment I hope there are enough of us left to realize the problem and do something about it before we are all in a cage of gubment control, looking out and longing for the freedom we once had.


  1. The little owl probably misses using the wings God gave him, flying about in the world God created, meeting his other owls, having a mate, selecting his own food and shelter.

    Freedom is a terrible thing to wast, and to allow to be taken away from you.

    Right Truth

  2. Freedom and a companion. Imagine going through life in a cage without the love of your life with you.

  3. We're in serious trouble as of now, and we won't get out of it in time. The booby trap has been triggered and will engulf a huge number of us in the next 8 years.