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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sorry, Texas Fred, I'm not Convinced.

My good friend, Texas Fred, has posted all the good things about Mitt Romney. He's worried about people like me who have declared they are going to "sit it out" in November. He should be worried. In my case it really doesn't matter. Romney is going to carry Tennessee no matter what I do. But I'll betcha there are plenty of people like me in those oh so important swing states. Yes, we have had it with mainstream Republicans and RINOs. I digress......

Fred has a lot of good things to say about Mitt and rather than summarize, just go read his article HERE.

Well, now all that just sounds real great doesn't it? Unfortunately the fact remains, Mitt Romney was for abortion before he was against it. A true conservative can NEVER cross this line.....NEVER. And now I read on Drudge that he is considering Condi Rice as a VP pick. Condi is PRO CHOICE. This is a line a conservative should NEVER cross.......NEVER! He hasn't picked her yet, but she should not even be considered.

Furthermore, Mitt believes in the hoax of manmade global warming. He believes in all that nonsense from the left that makes things like green energy, cap and trade, regulations on light bulbs, and all that other crap possible.

Mitt stands in front of the camera and talks about repealing and REPLACING Obamacare. Well, Mitt invented Obamacare in the first place and you can believe, the Obama campaign is going to hammer him with this. Furthermore, we don't need to repeal and REPLACE anything. Mitt, gubment does not need to be in the business of healthcare.....PERIOD!

Mitt Romney can be handed a conservative idea on a silver platter and someone else will have to lead him to it and coach him on what to say. The conservative message should be automatic for the true conservative. Mitt Romney is not a conservative. He is a RINO.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the Republican establishment for pushing this man on us and I will not participate. Frankly, I don't believe at the end of a Romney presidency we will be any better off than we would be with Obama.

Do you really think at the end of 4 years of Romney, that tax code will be reformed?
Do you really think at the end of 4 years of Romney, spending will have been cut and the national debt will be declining?
Do you really think at the end of 4 years of Romney, Obamacare will be gone? Do you? REALLY?

There are people like Allen West just sitting out there and they are telling me I have to settle for this guy? No way. Sorry, Fred, I'm still sitting it out in November. McCain was the last RINO I'll ever vote for.

Whoever wins in November.....God Help Us!


  1. Don't worry its not Condi. Now they say its Tim Pawlenty. G-d help us then. This idiot is going for the boring white bread instead of the exciting Rye.

    BTW: Romney is 100% better than Obama. 4 more years of Obama and there will be no nation.

  2. Agree with Findalis.

    Romney may not turn out to be any better than Obama, but I'd STILL give him the chance even with his track record. Obama is a complete disaster, a traitor to America and one who is willfully taking us down. Maybe we go exactly the same direction with Romney, but I have to take the chance that we won't versus 4 more years of O where we KNOW America will be beyond hope.

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