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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Give Up - I'm Joining the UNDECIDED Column

I have taken much heat, flak, and criticism from all sides over my assertion that I am going to sit out the election in November. Most of the arguments I hear are, "we must vote against Obama at all costs", "if you sit it out, it will be like a vote for Obama". What I have heard practically none of is a convincing argument that Romney is a conservative (he's not) and he will be better than Obama (I'm not convinced of that).

At this time I am officially announcing that I am changing my mind and moving myself into the undecided column. Now I am not like the incredibly stupid undecided people who are torn between Romney and Obama, no, anyone who would consider voting for Obama probably ought to be euthanized. The Homo sapien species would be made stronger. I am simply stating that I am undecided if I will vote.

I'm going to leave it up to Mitt Romney to convince me if it is worth giving him my vote. His addition of Paul Ryan has helped and I can see that the Democrats are squirming over this. I am already seeing the picture of Ryan pushing granny off the cliff in a wheelchair and I just gotta laugh. I also gotta laugh as they squirm over Obama's 700 billion dollar gutting of Medicare to fund Obamacare. Many of them won't even try and answer but rather deflect and try to change the subject. The Republicans have a real opportunity to expose the Democrats for the liars they are. I was also excited to hear the RNC chair, Reince Pribus (sounds like an electric car doesn't it) call Harry Reid a liar and NOT apologize for it. FINALLY! The truth from the RNC! Hell if they keep this up, I might send them a donation.

Now I'm going to watch and see if Romney starts to "modify" and steer clear of Ryan's strong message of fiscal responsibility. You know Mitt will likely flop in the other direction when things get hot. If this is the case, I shall DECIDE to sit it out in November. If he follows Ryan's lead of presenting a strong conservative message, then maybe, just maybe, I'll close my eyes, hold my nose, and go pull the switch for Romney.

Why my change of heart? I was having a discussion with a woman on Facebook the other night about the plight of her brain damaged son and his increasing difficulty in receiving needed health care. She was not worried about Paul Ryan trying to destroy Medicare. Instead she was lamenting over Obama cutting payments to doctors and hospitals and increasing the paperwork burden for the doctors trying to treat her son. She realized that this was only going to get worse under Obamacare. She worried over doctors opting out of medicare and Medicaid and wondered if her son's doctor would be next. I felt her pain. It was not too much to ask for me to keep my voting options open in November.

Let there be no misunderstanding. I really can't stand Mitt Romney. It would be so much better if Ryan was the top guy but it is what it is. I will be watching each and every day. The first time Romney varies from the conservative path, I'll be there to blast away. The ball is in his court.

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  1. Vote, you will be sorry if you don't.

    I hear the chant from your friends starting now: