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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Anniversary Gulf Coast Trip - Part 3 - Born to Ride!

Day 2 and day 3 in Mobile consisted of touring the area on the motorcycle. We first lit out for Dauphin Island. I had been there many years ago in fact right after Hurricane Camille, and the west end of the island was pretty much bare. Well, all has certainly been restored. Sweet Wifey had never been and she enjoyed the ride.

We also visited Fort Gaines. Built in 1821, the fort was instrumental during the Battle of Mobile Bay in the civil war.
After refreshing ourselves at the Common Loon Cafe, we took a ride on the Dauphin Island Ferry over to point Morgan.
After completing the ferry ride, we visited Fort Morgan. This fort built in 1834 saw action in the civil war as did Fort Gaines. I was surprised to learn that artillery was placed at the fort as late as World War 2 I suppose to shoot at Nazi subs if they ever tried to enter Mobile Bay.
That evening we made our way to Ed's Seafood Shed. For the very first time I experienced soft-shell crab, and they were DELICIOUS!

And at the end of the day, there was still time for a little blogging.
The next day sweet Wifey and I mounted Henrietta and headed in the opposite direction down the Mississippi gulf coast. We hugged US highway 90 all the way from Pascagoula to Pass Christian enjoying beautiful beach scenes and the many fine homes along the way. That evening we went back to Ed's Seafood Shed so sweetie pie could also enjoy some soft-shell crab. Gooooooooooood FOOD!
Go HERE and HERE to enjoy our day 2 and day 3 pictures from Mobile. More to come in Part 4.

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