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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Anniversary Gulf Coast Trip - Part 4 - Bourbon Street

We left Mobile and drove to New Orleans on Thursday, August 23. It is not a far drive so we got there with daylight to spare. We already had two recommendations for the Oceania Grill so we lit out on foot for Bourbon Street.
We found the whole thing a bit shocking and quite a mixture of things to see. With a collection of weird looking people in the streets we'd pass a bar, followed by a trinket shop, followed by an upscale restaurant, followed by a strip joint with some really skanky looking hags standing mostly nekkid in the doorway. When we finally got to the Oceania, sweet Wifey was heard to say, "This is a real den of debauchery."

At the Oceania I had my first experience with crawfish in the form of crawfish etoufee, and it was DELICIOUS!
We finally made our way back to our most comfortable hotel, Quality Inns and Suites, New Orleans. They were very nice. They upgraded us to a suite for the same price and provided a hot breakfast. We were on the 9th floor well away from the street noise. We slept well that night.

Go HERE to see all our Day 1 New Orleans pictures. The saga continues in part 5.

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