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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Anniversary Gulf Coast Trip - Part 5 - Alligators and the 9th Ward

The next morning we headed back to the Oceania Grill to try their breakfast. My plate full of scrambled eggs, alligator sausage, hash browns, and grits hit the spot.
Next we drove our car into the bayou to the Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour. We were loaded onto a covered pontoon boat. It is good that it was covered cause it rained like pouring pee out of a boot.
I saw my old friend, Al E. Gator......
Our guide, Jason, would whistle at these lizards and they would come right up to the boat for a photo op. He told us that feeding gators was now illegal but I can't believe he doesn't sneak out there after hours and slip them a treat.
We finished the swamp tour and drove back to the hotel in torrential rain. Later that afternoon we decided to take a bus tour. At least we could hopefully stay dry. This was a good decision. Our guide, Bernadine, took us all over the place, to the riverfront, the garden district, the French quarter, the Lakeshore area, and finally, the upper 9th ward. She showed us many places devastated by Katrina, ruined houses with holes in the roofs where people had hopefully escaped. Many places lay in ruins with no hope of restoration. The whereabouts of some of the previous property owners are not known. We learned a lot about the history of New Orleans and why it is like it is today. She could not take us into the lower 9th ward. This is where over 1000 people died. No tours are allowed there.
That evening we walked back to Bourbon Street and visited the Redfish Grill for dinner. Our waiter, Ike was one hard working dude.
Go HERE to see all our pictures from this great day. Still more in part 6.

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  1. it looks that you people had a great fun in this activity and great photography