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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Anniversary Gulf Coast Trip - Part 6 - Hoofing it

We probably walked several miles during our last full day in New Orleans. We began by walking down Canal Street all the way to the riverfront. We took the free ferry over to the Algiers area and got some really GREAT pictures of the city.
 Later we rode the trolley and the bus to Lafayette Cemetery in the Garden District for a walking tour. We met our guide, Carla, who gave us lots of information and history on the cemetery and the fine homes in the Garden District.
Carla, our guide
Archie Manning's home
Sandra Bullock's home
Departing the Garden District we rode the bus back toward our hotel, getting off at the World War II Museum. From there we WALKED back down to the riverfront where we traversed the entire mall. My sweet one finally found a memento of our trip, a little silver fleur-de-lis, and of course, I bought it for her with a "happy anniversary" added.
We sat for a while at the trolley terminal for a trolley that never came, so we hoofed it back to the hotel. That evening we DROVE to Mother's Restaurant. This was different. We stood in line, cafeteria style, ordered our food, and they brought it to us when it was ready. The atmosphere was laid back and the food was GREAT. Boy our feet were tired when we finally got back to the hotel.

The next day we departed New Orleans, 2 days before the arrival of Hurricane Issac. We arrived home at 7PM that evening. There's no place like home.

Please go HERE to view all the pictures of our last day in the Big Easy.

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  1. The trip was fantastic. I know all the planning and preparation that you did to make it all work out so flawlessly. I do appreciate it.

    So many wonderful memories and experiences. The main thing -- I was with the one I love!

    Right Truth