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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our Anniversay Gulf Coast Trip - Part 1 - Huntsville

The past 2 weeks have been really great. Coming up on Sept 2 will be the 40th wedding anniversary for Dr. and Mrs. Grouch and I wanted to plan something extra special for my sweetie.

I planned a 3 pronged approach for our anniversary vacation with a leg to Huntsville, Al, the Alabama/Mississippi gulf coast and New Orleans. I also made plans to take Henrietta, our motorcycle along for the ride. The problem with motorcycles is that you can’t haul many of your provisions with you. To solve this problem I bought a motorcycle trailer and we hauled the old girl behind our SUV.
Our first stop was Huntsville, Al. During the weekend of August 18 and 19, the Huntsville Hamfest was occurring. My sweet wifey had never been to a major hamfest and I thought this was a prime opportunity for her to give hamfesting a try. In fact I believe she enjoyed herself a whole bunch. Several of our old friends were there and we both enjoyed socializing.
We also stayed in the very nice and upscale Embassy Suites. It was a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. The hotel is connected to the Von Braun Center where the hamfest is held so all you gotta do is get up, eat the full breakfast provided by the hotel, and take the enclosed catwalk next door to the hamfest. Very nice and convenient. Fridee night we also enjoyed fine steaks at the Ruth’s Chris steakhouse on the ground floor of the hotel.
An aside trip included a visit to the US Space and Rocket Center. This is a must see if you visit Huntsville. You'll get a load of history from early rocketry to the accomplishments of NASA and our brave astronauts as they went where no man had gone before.
We concluded our trip to Huntsville with a visit to the home of Tim, KK5H, and Rhonda Holland where we had much good fellowship and arguably the best barbeque we had ever eaten. Tim smokes barbeque each and every year for his ham friends and the feast is a real treat for everyone. Thanks again to Tim and Rhonda.
Rhonda, Tim, and Fred the cat.
Booger, WO4V, Joan, W4JNI, Bill, AB4EJ, and Suzy.
Our host Tim, KK5H, hard at work.
The beautiful and sexy, N4OYM, on the ham radio.
From Huntsville, we packed our bags and headed for Mobile, AL. Go HERE to enjoy all of our Huntsville pictures. The trip resumes in part 2.

1 comment:

  1. I did have a great time sweetie. It was nice seeing old friends and meeting some I had only met on the radio or via pictures. Mostly I was with you.

    Thanks for taking me.

    Right Truth