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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shepard Smith Pees His Pants on National TV

Well, that's not exactly the story but it never fails that if there is a car chase going on somewhere, Fox News' Shepard Smith will cut away from whatever is going on to report about it. I do believe he gets so excited over a car chase that he no doubt pees all over himself.

Well, Thursday, a car chase jumped up to bite him on the ass when the person being chased got out of the car and committed suicide on camera. Smith immediately apologized and admitted he was wrong.

Shep, what is the NATIONAL significance of a car chase? Why are you reporting on this at all? Seems to me there are more pressing things going on in the world. I read somewhere that the other news networks did not even bother to report this. Fox News needs to get a clue.

So Shepard Smith has apologized. Wanna make any bets that when the next car chase comes along, things will be back to business as usual?

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