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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The GROUCH Goes to Jail

I keep reading about how the UN is wanting the US to pass laws making it a crime to criticize a religion. Of course this applies only to Islam. If you're a Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, or a member of the church of What's Happening Now, the prohibition does not apply.

Perhaps it is just me, but I think any religion that advocates crashing airplanes into buildings inhabited by innocent civilians and strapping bombs to their women and children needs to be criticized just a little, doncha think?

Well I guess they're just gonna have to fix me up a nice little cell, cause I ain't gonna shut up. I can get 3 squares a day and gubment funded healthcare for FREE! I can be one of the TAKERS for a change! Yeah Baby!


  1. I agree with you 100%! That last dig must really get you considering how hard you work to save and help people that work for a living! I do believe there are some people who truly need healthcare, like Obama. Can you do a "labatomy?" Heh, I am sure with all the not so nice comments I make about the not so nice "religion of piece" - yes, I meant piece, not PEACE - because they take a piece of everyone when they kill and mutilate - well, I will soon be in a cell too! Yep, we are all heading their because last time I checked we are not supposed to have brains to think with! Maybe they will outlaw the brain. You know during World War 11 our lovely government back then was doing illegal NAZI type experiments on the brain and brain transplant - at least according to author & ENT Robin Cook, M.D.- I know lets just give everyone in Washington a new brain! OMG! I am so sick of this nonsense.

    I am a grouch too and why wouldn't I be? Heck, trying to do things right in a world that now calls good evil Pretty sick. I wonder who prescribed their "stupid pills?!!!"

    Good posting. I read here often and do not comment much, but this really gets my goat!

  2. Yes and I read on Drudge today where the guy that made the so called anti-Islam video had been arrested. On another charge of course, but I wonder if it would have happened to someone with less notoriety. And so it begins. Little by little our free speech rights will be diminished in the name of political correctness and of course the remainder of the Bill of Rights will follow suit.