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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The REFS are Back in Town

I recorded the NFL game last Thursday night between the Ravens and the Browns. This was the first game following the lockout of the usual NFL officials. I'm telling you I thought for a minute the players, coaches, and refs, were all going to start hugging and kissing. There were smiles, handshakes, and obligatory butt pats galore.

The game seemed to go well, indeed at a much better pace than some of the games with the replacement refs. The officials made sharp and decisive calls. There was no head scratching and looking at one another trying to decipher the correct call. All in all, it was a refreshing change. Yes, it is nice to watch people who apparently know what the hell they are doing.

I'm sure we are looking at a short honeymoon phase. Before too long the regular refs will be back to their usual position of derision. All it will take is a couple of "questionable" calls and things will be back to normal. Such is life and such is football.

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