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Friday, October 19, 2012

Abortion is Criminal Murder, What Say You?

You know I am pretty much libertarian about most things. Indeed the gubment has no business sticking its nose in my business. I should be able to do pretty much anything I want to do as long as it does not infringe on the rights and liberties of another human being.

This is where I part company with most libertarians on the subject of abortion. While I believe choice is a good thing in most of life’s endeavors, I draw the line at choosing to end the life of an innocent child. I believe life begins at conception. I can’t prove this to anyone. On the other hand my belief cannot be disproven. Just because some heathen judge says life starts at the second trimester does not make it so. The Bible alludes to the fact that God already knows the souls of the unborn even before conception. Of course many don’t believe in the Bible or only accept parts of it that suit their agenda. I support your right to choose not to believe.

Lately I have had discussions with people claiming to be conservatives who say they do not believe in abortion but go on to say they think, “it is an individual thing”.

Really? It’s an individual thing? I think not. In fact I declare that abortion of the unborn at any stage is a criminal act. To say it is an individual thing in effect asserts that the life of the unborn child, although a living being with a soul, is of lesser value than that of a post partum human being. I had a face-to-face discussion the other day with a woman who held on to the “individual thing” view. I asked her if it would be also an individual thing or acceptable choice for me to shoot my neighbor in the head for playing his music too loudly.

Of course she said it was not the same thing, but I went on to suggest that she was saying the life of the unborn child was not as important as the life of my neighbor, if I could choose to end the life of one but not the other. At this point she developed a puzzled stare and the conversation ended. She realized she had been painted into a corner.
She departed with her puzzled stare and something new to think about.

Life is life and murder is murder. Every individual has a right to life. You can’t really pick and choose. For this reason I believe abortion is indeed a criminal act.

Having said that let me also say that abortion laws should be left up to the individual states and not decided by unelected federal judges. If a state chooses to legalize abortion, they will have to explain their actions one day in front of the Almighty. 

I think most subscribe to the watered down abortion stance because they have family and friends who have had abortions. They don't want to appear judgmental. Hey, that's fine with me. I don't portend to judge them either. It is not up to me. 
Many will be in for a shock when they stand before God and look at the faces of the unborn souls that because of their actions never were given the right to live. The good news here is that abortion, like any sin, can be forgiven.

Oh, I know most of the liberals will laugh at this notion. They after all don’t believe in a living God and a final judgment. Of course whether they believe or not will not change the temperature of hell one degree.


  1. Very good. Let me know when you'll run for national office, you've got my vote.

    1. Thanks, but I'm afraid I'd never make it. For my platform I'd say, "I promise to defend the shores, print money, and remove all regulation and obstacles to private sector business. Other than that, I promise NOTHING. You need to get off your butts, stop your whining, and get to work."

      So you see, I'd never get very far.

  2. was working in a hospital lab at the time of Roe v Wade. I worked for a large HMO on the West coast. One of my jobs at the time was to go to the OR and pick up the pathology specimens. On abortion day that amounted to a whole cart full of little clear plastic containers. I never really thought much about it in those days - I was 27, a single mother, an airhead, if truth be known. On the day of my epiphany I went about my business as usual except that one of the containers slipped out of my hand as I was transferring them from the shelf in the OR to my cart. Luckily it didn't hit the ground, just landed in my cart extra hard. I picked it up to examine it for cracks and something at the bottom caught my eye. In the bloody fluid, pressed against the wall of the container was a perfect little foot. It was so tiny but there were toes and an ankle and part of a calf. It ended there...obviously the baby had been ripped apart by the suction but yet there was that little foot. I almost got sick. I left and went back to the lab and told my boss I couldn't do that anymore and I never did. To this day I can see that foot.

    1. JoAnne, it is distressing to see the rather neutral or ho-hum attitude so many people take toward this issue.

      We're talking about human life. Many just don't get it or just don't care.

  3. Excellent comments. What really galls me is these same pro-abortion people (like my mother-in-law, for example) are against the death penalty because it's "inhumane". So thank you for giving me a few good, sound arguments the next time I discuss this with her. Like you said, most people will just change the subject. Of course, my MIL also said that "obesity is a matter of life or death" and is all in favor of banning 16ounce sodas. I don't know what happened to her brain.