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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Homework Banned in Public Skools!

There is a blithering communist idiot in charge of France named François Hollande. I just read that this guy wants to ban homework in the schools. Well now I betcha all your little moochers at home would be thrilled to hear about this, but you want to guess the reason for Hollande's lunacy?

He says it is UNFAIR that some of the kids don't have parents that will help them with homework while other kids do! Boys and girls, I can't make this stuff up. Yes, my friends, in the name of fairness, we're going to ban homework in the schools and make sure all the kids are equally ignorant.

At the same time, investors are fleeing France and taking their money elsewhere because of rocketing tax rates. France's business federation has predicted a "grave economic crisis".

I can't feel too sorry for the French, after all, they voted for this guy. If you're going to be this stupid, you deserve what you get.

The only reason I mention this is because our glorious incumbent messiah believes in "fairness" He wants to raise tax rates on those making over $250K per year, not because the extra revenue will solve our debt issues, but rather because those rich bastards need to pay "their fair share" Yes, it's all about fairness. He wants to level the playing field.

If any of you reading are still thinking of voting for Obama, you really need to wise up and get a clue.
The communist idiot, François Hollande

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