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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reflections on the Election

Well, my friend, Neal Boortz was sadly correct. Obama won a second term. I think there are a number of reasons for this. First I was interested to see that the Republican turnout was actually less for Romney than it was for McCain in 2008. I was surprised to hear this especially after Fox News kept telling us about the huge Romney rallies and the anemic support Obama was getting.

This tells me something different though, namely, Republican voters were not very excited about their candidate. Hmmmm, I wasn't very excited either, in fact for the longest I thought I was going to stay home. Looks like a lot of people on the right did stay home. I was angry and disgusted that we once again had to settle for another RINO forced upon us by the establishment, and we did, and many stayed home. So sad.

This is not to say that Romney did not run a decent campaign. He did. He certainly looked qualified to be president and would likely have done a pretty good job. We'll never know. So what will we see in 2016? Will we be handed another RINO who's turn has come up, or will we have a real firebrand conservative that the voters can really get behind? Sadly I think the former. I listened yesterday as some of the same old Fox News pundits were already talking about how the Republican party was going to have to transform itself and prepare itself for the "browning of America". Another declared that we were going to have to stop talking about abortion. In other words we're going to have to compromise our conservative principles if we expect to survive politically. I'm of the opinion that nothing could be further from the truth.

According to most, the big issue of this election was the economy. Over half the voters still believe that our economic situation is George Bush's fault and evidently do not hold Obama accountable. The Obama campaign and the lame stream media did a very good job of perpetuating this silly notion and casting Romney as an evil, rich, uncaring venture capitalist. Who is Obama going to blame at the end of the next 4 years?

Finally, I believe we have reached a tipping point in America. The have-nots now outnumber the haves. People want free stuff. People want to be coddled and cared for by the gubment. They have no concept of a work ethic and do not realize that the gubment must take from the private sector to provide all this free stuff. Throughout history great nations have come and gone. The United States after November 6, 2012, has entered a state of permanent decline. Eventually collapse will come. Suddenly the have-nots will be cut off and there will be rioting in the streets like we have seen in Greece.

My friends, have your guns and plenty of ammo ready for the fall. It will come one day.


  1. http://righttruth.typepad.com/right_truth/2012/11/reflections-on-the-election.html

    1. Those of us who live in"red" states need to begin to be more active in the governments of those states. We can still have a decent existence if we tend to our business closer to home. Nearly half of the people in this country are still determined to be independent of the federal government. This is still a republic and we need to demand the sovereignty of the states and the people be preserved.

  2. Well, screw 'em. I am gonna have a good time and play music and ride my motorcycle and talk on my radios...We ain't gonna live long enough to use those guns and ammo your talking about, Grouch. I have done all I can do about this situation, and now I am an old man and cannot go to the Forked Deer river bottom and live off the land with an axe and a 12 gauge, so, I will take out a couple of 'em when they come to get me and will welcome the Angel of Death when their bullets riddle my torso. Maybe I will get the chance to take a pull off of a flask of George Dickel and kiss my lovely wife of 42+ years goodby. You should prepare to do the same.

    1. Hey, Booger, you gonna ride yer motorcycle to Dayton wimmie or are you juss gonna talk about it?