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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Secession? Really?

I've been reading with interest about all these petitions going around from people who want their states to secede from the union. Of course we all know this is not going to happen but for the sake of argument lets just suppose it did happen and a group of states peacefully broke away and formed a nation which I will call the "New Confederacy". Let us for a moment think of some of the challenges encountered by the New Confederacy.

Internal Bickering

Even if a split occurred we still would live in a 50/50 country. About half would be makers and the other half would be takers. I am sure the takers in the seceding states would be outraged, not wishing to see the gravy train cut off as their state broke away from Obama's America. I suppose some kind of mass migration could be arranged with the takers moving to the People's Republic of Obama and the makers moving to the New Confederacy.

What form of gubment?

OK, so several states break away. What form of gubment would we see arise for the New Confederacy? Would each state remain more or less sovereign? Would there be any type of a central power? Remember this was tried for a while under the Articles of Confederation, but this was quickly replaced by the Constitution. I can see the same path for the New Confederacy. Unless states rights and sovereignty are upheld, the new nation would develop a new cancer of a central power which would grow and tax and control the states. Over time we would see a devolution into the mess we call the federal gubment today.

The spoils

What about the people in the New Confederacy who have been enslaved by Social Security and Medicare? Would these programs manage to continue? Would there be a dividing of entitlement resources between the People's Republic of Obama and the New Confederacy? Oh, wait, there's not any real money, just debt. Those programs are broke. But there is the 16 trillion dollars of debt that I guess could be divided between the two nations. What would happen to all the assets of private investors? Would Obama try to seize the assets of people living in the New Confederacy? He's gonna need money to continue his social programs and entitlements after the makers depart.

National Defense

How about a dividing of the military assets between the two nations? If you're in the US Navy and your home state secedes, would you suddenly be in the Navy of the New Confederacy? How would that work exactly? What about nuclear weapons? Obama wants to get rid of all of them. Why not just give the nukes to the seceding states? How about equal numbers of troops, planes, tanks, and ships for each side? Think it would work out that way? Nah, me neither....


Let's suppose that over time the New Confederacy somehow managed to get on its feet, promoted the ideas of states rights, small central gubment, free markets, and the actual creation of wealth and prosperity. I have a feeling we'd start to see mass immigration from the People's Republic of Obama. Remember though, they are still TAKERS and are wanting a piece of the pie from the MAKERS living in the New Confederacy. Immigration would be a big problem for the new nation.


So I'm just smiling at all the people excited about this idea of secession. They are frustrated with the turn the country has taken and want something different, but I don't think many of them have thought of the consequences of a dissolution of the United States. In fact the federal gubment is so large and intrusive that I'm afraid it is much like an inoperable cancer that will continue to grow and consume everything it touches until one day the nation will indeed collapse, and what then? What if anything will rise from the ashes?

In 1861, huge challenges were faced by the Confederacy. Even if that new nation had survived the war, it's long term success would have been problematic. Issues of debt and slavery would have remained, tearing at the Confederacy from within. States' rights and autonomy were already becoming an issue as the CSA conscripted southern citizens into service to fight against the north and the central gubment tried to negotiate with foreign powers for financial and military assistance. Back then the US gubment was not nearly as powerful as it is today, but even then, the idea of secession was nearly an impossible task.

1 comment:

  1. It's amusing but does no good. It riles up the libs who will point to erstwhile seceesionists and scream "Racist" or some other non PC label designed to have the target bound in chains and cast into outer darkness.

    Speaking of targets, any bets on those signing the petitions NOT finding some agency earnestly crawling up their rump with a microscope? The squeaking wheel DOES get greased, not always in a postive manner either.