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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Marsha! Marsha!

I can proudly say that I did not vote for my congresswoman, Marsha Blackburn, last November. Instead I wasted my vote and pulled the switch for an independent. No, she blew it big time in August 2011 when she caved and voted along with other RINO's to raise the debt ceiling. I contacted her ahead of time and told her not to do it, but she did it anyway and now we're at about 16.4 trillion in debt and counting with no relief in sight.

I happened to see her on Fox News last night. I didn't listen to everything she said but she was ranting about the next debt ceiling debate coming up in a couple of months. She was telling all of us how she was going to stand strong against Obama. For you low information voters, Obama more or less wants the debt ceiling eliminated. He thinks he should just be allowed to spend waste as much money as he wants without accountability.

Well, Marsha, I gotta say that your words ring pretty empty. You had your chance to do the right thing in August of 2011 and you blew it. What makes you think we can trust you now? I'm not holding my breath.

1 comment:

  1. If we all threw away our vote on an independent, we might actually get one elected!