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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gubment Waste

Hmmmm, we have lived here at Lost Creek for the last 17 years. Suddenly yesterday a truck came by and installed a STOP sign at the end of our street. I have enclosed some pictures of the sign and also some pictures of the intersection showing the huge volume of traffic that this sign will control.
 I have to wonder how much these signs and their installation cost the county (ME)? I also wonder how often we're going to see a sheriff's car patrolling our streets to enforce the requirement to stop? Perhaps they could also cite the 4 wheelers and golf carts illegally riding on the public roads. In 17 years I probably haven't seen a patrol car more than half a dozen times. Also in a day's time probably no more than a dozen cars traverse my road, if that many. Hell fire, I'm surprised they didn't put up a traffic light!
 2 years ago the county almost doubled my property tax. Before that they gave us a $50 wheel tax that NOBODY wanted and yet they waste money on nonsense such as this. I'd be happy if they would come by and drop some treatment on my road before we have ice or snow so we could get off the hill, but no, no such luck. I'd be even happier if they'd take their signs back and give me a property tax rebate.

I know I'm gonna feel a helluva lot safer with my new stop sign. SIGH, gubment waste at its best!

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