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Thursday, February 21, 2013

More Gubment Waste???

While I'm on the topic of useless and nonsensical signs, I'd like to relate an observation during our recent trip to New Orleans. We travel to New Orleans down US Highway 45 down through Mississippi and then at Meridian, we switch to I-59 which takes us all the way to the Big Easy.

It's a really good road, 4 lane most of the way and usually at least 65 to 70 mph posted speeds. Also the traffic is generally light with very little truck traffic. It only takes 7.5 hours to make the trip from our humble abode in Tennessee.

One thing particularly interesting about this road is the prevalence of signs "Bridge Ices Before Road". Now a few of these every now and then is OK but there is one of these signs on just about every bridge you come to between the Tennessee and Louisiana state lines, and there are many bridges across a plethora of little creeks, ditches, and streams.

Once again I had to wonder how much the state of Mississippi had to spend on the manufacture and installation of these signs. Does a sign on each and every bridge really increase safety? I also have to wonder how often frozen roads are an issue anyway in the southern part of the state.

Nah, I got a feeling it is just a result of politicians looking for a place to spend taxpayer dollars. Having said that I offer a congrats to Mississippi for a really great stretch of road.

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