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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Why Clarence Thomas Uses Simple Words in His Opinions

The law ought to be accessible to the average person, he argued during a recent appearance at Harvard.
 When Clarence Thomas led the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, he fought to make it handicapped accessible. "I firmly believed, how can we talk about all these theoretical issues when there are people who can't even get in the door of the building?" he explained to an audience at Harvard Law School, having been asked about the subject. "One of my best friends was a quadriplegic, and I watched how a two-inch curb was like The Great Wall of China for him."

Then a pause.

"I think we do that with the opinions we write," he said. "We write them in a way that they're inaccessible to the average person." With that fascinating segue, he explained the logic behind his writing:

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  1. I watched how a two-inch curb was like The Great Wall of China for him.
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